Who are RGS Engineering ?

Here's Ian and myself enjoying a beer on our holidays in France Aug 06

RGS Engineering has been established since 1981

Ian Hodgkinson, he's a Design engineer who discovered that a cost effective way of financing his participation on the stage rally scene, during the early 80s, was to set up his own business as a motor engineer. He would then have all the tooling and access to parts he needed. He soon found that the business side of RGS soon took over and he became established as an honest and trustworthy businessman who was taking on new customers monthly with little to no advertising.

Ian became interested in steam  when he was asked by his then boss to draw engineering drawings for a Fowler ploughing engine. He has since then worked on a number of friend's steam engines.  Trading as a motor engineer had become increasing more difficult, and a wish to bring his family up in more pleasant surroundings lead to moving to Pembrokeshire and the opportunity to fulfill a long time ambition to build steam engines.


Amanda Thorpe, long term partner to Ian Hodgkinson (over ten years!) and keen lace maker for the past 8 years when children and time allow.  Since moving to Pembrokeshire Amanda has become a member of the Cleddau Lacemakers who meet monthly at the Picton Centre in Haverfordwest.

Why aluminium?

At one lace class there was a  lady making Honiton lace with bobbins made from cut down knitting needles, they made such a lovely sound as she worked. This got me thinking about other materials that bobbins could be made from.

I thought of using aluminium, this metal being light weight and durable, Ian soon turned me out a lovely collection.  Some of my collection of aluminium bobbins are on my pillow, I find them easy to use, and they grip the thread well, I have not had a case of an escaped bobbin on the floor since I started using Aluminium bobbins.

The bobbins that Ian made me were so lovely and admired that we started production!







Lace Poinsettia made with a variegated blue 80DMC cotton.                                            

Pricking designed by Bridget M Cook       


A Lace Heart made with 80DMC cotton and silver thread.

Pricking designed by

Bridget M Cook

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